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Water Pump - Relay Module

Portable Arduino Water Pump Station

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This my first time experimenting with arduino and relay, a magnetic switch that can be turned on by Arduino with sharing the same circuit/voltage with the device being turned on. Since the Arduino works safely only under 12V, a relay is used to turn on/off a household appliance under 110V or 220V. In this project, I used the relay merely as a switch for 12V circuit, disregarding its significance in high voltage circuit.

Schematics and Soldering

Soldering was quite difficult for this project as the parts aren’t soldered onto a PCB board. Instead, they are secured onto the 3D-printed frame individually.


Before Wiring

It took me a long time to design a station frame that would perfectly fit all the parts and be delicate. The holes are for screws and for installing rubber tips that would secure the whole station on a slippery surface.

Manual Switch On/Off

Wireless Switch On/Off

Weak Suction

The water pump is not strong enough to suck up the liquid as the pump itself was designed to suck water assuming that there is already liquid inside. In another word, the propeller in the pump does not have strong suction force without being in contact without water. I later worked on integrating this project into an automatic indoor garden as a watering scheduler device.

Code: https://github.com/jiatinglu99/Arduino-Water-Pump-Station

3D: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/2CHMfmxsiwZ